Why do most Americans hate eating fish?!

Question: Why do most Americans hate eating fish?
I have been here for 10 years and I have yet to meet a American who love eating fish (like I do), Every time am making fish people say "oh its gross" "its staring at me" "eeeww its fish" and all my friends especially say they hate eating fish.
So I thinks its a majority of Americans..so why is that?

btw I Love America so I aint complaining anything ..but this has always been a mystery to me


I'm American, I love fish, My family loves fish, my friends and neighbors love fish.
I don't know about your friends and family, but y'all may be hanging in the wrong crowd. LOL

By the way, I live in the Midwest. We go fishing in the local rivers and lakes. My neighbor, and my brother usually smoke the fresh fish. And I love smoked fish too.

I think people associate fish with dirty, mostly because of the smell. There are many markets and grocery stores with huge sections of dead fishes on ice giving off a rather strong odor. Many Americans aren't raised on fish, so they grow up slightly uncertain about it, and then get put off by the smell. It's just a cultural phenomenon that gets perpetuated through upbringing.

As people get more and more health-conscious, there are also the concerns of mercury levels in fish, so many Americans try not to eat too much of it.

Why do most people who are not from America make gross generalizations about Americans?

Not sure where you are from Jersey Boy (figuring England) but the only thing I can think of is that you are now living in the middle of America far away from a sea and they grew up on meat and potatoes. We, in NEW JERSEY who live by the shore have grown up eating fish our entire lives and love it.

I like fish myself and know plenty of people who do and some who don't.

Amerrica is Big country and most of use are landlocked. So to get fresh fish is Very expensive. Not everyone like fish that has been frozen for who knows how long.

Jersey, I cross the boarder and drive to main for this fantastic seafood meal, the place I go to is at Perkins Cove, and the amount of Americans that go there is unbelievable. You must be traveling with the wrong crowd.

Must be where you live. People near the coastlines who can get good, fresh seafood cheaply eat loads of it. In the midwst, where it's expensive and practically "imported", not so much... more beef country. The US is so big, there are vast and varying foodways.

you just don't know the right people

I love fish
my whole family loves fish
all my friends and relatives do too, except for one.

so 1 out of dozens, thats not a majority

People from the middle of the country tend to not like fish that much, which makes sense if you think about it. Seems like people in areas closer to the coast appreciate it.

my family

I love seafood, and so do my friends. We're all American. Maybe it's just a coincidence that the people you've met don't like fish. Although I'm sure a lot of people don't like it, not just Americans

I love to eat fish as long as the fish no longer has it's eyes attached and it's cooked with lemon.


Maybe because the fish we eat is flash frozen and travels many many miles before it gets to the market.
If the fish were caught fresh, and eaten right away people would enjoy fish more.

Probably because raw fish doesn't smell that good and fish is a bit more difficult to cook. I love fish myself...I usually broil it with lemon juice and parsley on top.

They dump so much bodies in lakes that they are afraid of involuntary cannibalism.

I disagree. I bet 90% of Americans like FishMac's.


I know plenty of people who like fish.

LOL i like fish as long as it is breaded and eyeless.

Chickens better, and fish has a nasty taste

I can't speak for most Americans.

I enjoy fish

there idiots lol i like eating fish!

I like fish better than meat. especially red meat

i love fish

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