too small for salt/pepper shakers or not?!

Question: Too small for salt/pepper shakers or not?
are these dimensions tall or not for salt/pepper shakers or are they too small? i was going order them online. thanks.

1 3/8" x 3 3/4"


The person who thinks they are less that 2 inches tall can't picture a shaker mentally. They are 3 3/4 high, almost twice that tall and a nice diameter. As long as you aren't supplying a school cafeteria they hold plenty.

Are they for your home or a restaurant? What size table are they going on? They seem like an average size; they should be fine.

They're not even 2 inches tall?! I'd skip them. Who wants to refill them every other day?!

no that seems to be about the right size for them i have them and they work well for me


They're fine.

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