What do you usually brush your pastry with, egg white or egg yolk?!

Question: What do you usually brush your pastry with, egg white or egg yolk?

egg yolk it brings more of the texture out aswell as making it golden brown :)

love baking

I usually whisk the egg with a fork and brush it with the mixture. All my pastry comes out beautifully golden and yummy!!

You can't use egg yolk but you can do the white and the yolk together or just the white. I prefer the white.

I usually use the egg white. Because I use yolks in my recipe and I have the whites left over anyway. It works just fine.

Neither: I use whipping cream usually, or a whole egg beaten w/a bit of water.

A beaten whole egg thinned out with a couple tablespoons of water.

always use a beaten egg (white and yolk) mixed with some milk :)

me :D

yolk everytime, it seems to go a nicer golden brown.

I usually just use milk. I have never had a problem with my pastry.

I use milk! Though don't bake all that often!

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