How do I make a good stir fry?!

Question: How do I make a good stir fry?
I've got the mixed vegetables, stir fry chicken and rice noodles, I'm not sure which to cook first and whether the noodles soak up the flavour or if I have to add spices and sauce to those separately



Ok, marinade the chicken in rice vinegar or white vinegar first for about 15 minutes having shredded it raw.
With a clean knife, and cutting board, cut the veg in strips . Heat up a pan or wok until very hot, add a small amount of olive oil or sesame oil. The latter is for better flavour and more authentic oriental flavour. Add the hardest veg first, such as peppers, chilli, celery. Then add the medium hard veg, such as water chest nuts, spring onion. Now add the chicken and stir like a pancake quickly. Add sauce, such as peanut sauce, black bean or teryiaki, sweet chilli sauce , or a dash of coconut milk.
Add some soy sauce for saltiness or do it afterwards, up to you. And garlic if you fancy , but not too much as this can overpower the suttleness of the other delicate flavours.
Add a dash of oyster sauce. Add two eggs until non slimey and serve with Basmati rice. Make sure the chicken is cooked through , but not dry, hence the small pieces and hot fast cooking.
Sprinkle some sesame seeds, shredded seaweed, or finely shopped spring onion on top. Enjoy!

Well I can you what I do I go and get the frozen then I buy some shrimp and add them the frozen stir fry has little shrimp buy some brown rice and woola

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