How do you make yogurt and frozen yogurt?!

Question: How do you make yogurt and frozen yogurt?
I just want easy recipes, Thanks! =)


to make yoghurt is easy
all you have to buy to start it is 1 small pot of live yoghurt and you will always have yoghurt.
Fill saucepan with whole milk
and warm it up it has to be that you can
just hold your finger in it til the count of three
keep testing and counting
when required temp is reached take off heat
add 1 tablespoon of your live yoghurt
put lid on pan cover pan with old towel
put pan in a warm place and leave over night.
Hey Presto ! next morning a large pan of yoghurt
Don't forget to take out a spoon of yoghurt and
put in fridge ready for your next batch.
I use yoghurt instead of cream
swirl in soups
mix with pesto for quick pasta sauce
also make cream cheese with it
You must use muslin or similar fine cotton
put cloth in bowl open
pour yoghurt into centre
gather up corners of cloth and tie
I tie mine to the kitchen tap(faucet)
let it drip over night and next day lovely
rich creamy cheese. It is a bit more tangy
but makes a really great cheese cake or
topping ( with powder sugar ) for cakes
or even just as a sandwich/toast spread
As for the frozen yoghurt go to
me too I love making ice cream and frozen Yoghurt
I am lucky as got an ice cream machine for christmas
hope all this helps you

My lovely mother in law

Here is a site I found that describes making it.

As for frozen put it in an Ice Cream maker. Add sugar and flavor.

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