Is there a way to temper garlic in a recipe?!

Question: Is there a way to temper garlic in a recipe?
I made a big bowl of a chickpea salad - and I added too much garlic (I've only said that once before in my life....)

What could I add to take out the fire? I haven't added any salt yet...would that be it?
I'm gonna sleep on it, let me know what you think.

Thanks everyone


That's like, food blasphemy. Too much garlic? No way. I assume you already have plenty of lemon and olive oil, so the only thing I could think would be to make hummous out of it. Then you have bread to counter the concentration.

Night Tink.

Salt will probably intensify it. I can't think of any way of reducing the impact of the garlic once it's already in.

If you mashed the chickpeas then you made hummus! I would use some lemon juice to cut the garlic.

No it just don;t need too much of garlic.

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