How do you measure and add your spices and seasoning during cooking?!

Question: How do you measure and add your spices and seasoning during cooking?
Do you use measuring spoons or just you pour some of it on the cooking pot directly from the can ?
For me it is hard to pour on a small spoon, a lot of matter drops of the flour staining the kitchen so I pour directly from the can to the pot, but I cannot see how much of spices I add !


If I'm measuring the spices, I pop the lid off and put the measuring spoon into the jar so I don't spill. if it's something like salt that you can't open like that, I pour over the sink, or over a glass. so the excess can be washed away easily.

I "bloom" the herbs and spices in the pot with some oil to bring out their flavor, then begin adding the other ingredients. By starting with the spices, you can see how much you're using, whether you measure or shake.

I generally go by pinches while holding the container over the pan. After a while you just get used to it.

Measuring spoons & cups they have some with big numbers

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