What is a good meal to cook for a woman? Do they like the red meat and half a chicken like the guys or do they?!

Question: What is a good meal to cook for a woman? Do they like the red meat and half a chicken like the guys or do they?
go for the more delicate foods as befits their gender? Do some women have more male hormones and like to eat the same stuff as a bloke?
I have to get it right as I have promised to cook this girl a meal and she is very feminine


Go for something lighter until you know her better, chicken or fish is fine but go for chicken breast off the bone, women don't like picking through skin and bones. A selection of lightly cooked vegetables, not cooked to a mush

58 years of being a woman and a soup?on of commonsense

Ladle this over angel hair pasta and don't forget the wine -

Shrimp Scampi

4 tsp olive oil

1 1/4 pounds med shrimp, peeled (tails left on) and deveined

6-8 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth

1/2 cup dry white wine

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup + 1 T minced parsley

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper

4 lemon slices

In a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil. Saute the shrimp until just pink, 2-3 min. Add the garlic and cook stirring constantly, about 30 seconds. With a slotted spoon transfer the shrimp to a platter, keep hot.

In the skillet, combine the broth, wine, lemon juice, 1/4 cup of the parsley, the salt and pepper; bring to a boil. Boil, uncovered, until the sauce is reduced by half; spoon over the shrimp. Serve garnished with the lemon slices and sprinkled with the remaining tablespoon of parsley.

Sam, my wife is big on the heavy red meats, she is more into skinless chicken, or fish with no bones, like a fillet. What would go well with that would be a mix of diced potatoes, and sweet potato, pan fried, steamed asparagus (or a medley of steamed vegetables, not over steamed), The chicken I would bake, slice, and with that a wine/butter sauce/gravy. A wine for that, you can go for a Rose' believe it or not, I would go for the Portuguese Rose', served chilled.


1 lb. fettuccine noodles
1/2 c. butter
1 c. heavy cream or milk
1 1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. salt
Dash pepper

In large kettle, bring 4 quarts water with 1 tablespoon salt to boiling. Add noodles; return to boiling. Boil, uncovered and stirring occasionally, until tender but firm. Drain noodles; keep warm.

To make Alfredo Sauce: Heat butter and cream in medium saucepan until butter is melted. Remove from heat. Add 1 cup Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Stir until sauce is blended and fairly smooth.
Add to drained noodles and toss until they are well coated. Sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese . Serve at once.

you can cut this recipe in half if you like and salad would be nice too.

A summer salad with all the good stuff in it - maybe a little baked chicken cut up in it. With a basil vinaigrette.

Pasta ( bow-tie, or penne) lightly tossed with finely cut really red fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

Strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Anything with chocolate in it is an almost sure-fire way of eliciting a response. So a nice meal is ok, but a chocolate-based dessert afterwards will really help. Check out the sources section for a few links.


Impress her with your manly mastering of cooking on an open flame.

seasoned shrimp on the grill
rice pilaf (easily made from a packet)
pasta in a light cream sauce (a little more challenging than the rice pilaf)

bag-o-salad is an easy veggie
throw some frozen veggies in the microwave.

Several of the women I have know have been individuals, with their own personal likes and dislikes. You can't just lump all women together and think they'll all like the same things, any more than all men have the same.

Cook some fish, alot of woman will enjoy a healthy meal. Get something slightly unusual like red mullet or black bream and cook it with asian type flavours like lemongrass and chilli.

Cook spaghetti you can never go wroing with that :)

No, women only like salad and broiled fish.


they would like it.

Girls would probably go for turkey.......its the best meat,rite?

cook her well done la sauge or wiener i bet she will love it

beans on toast is good or fish and chips

Since you are not sure of her tastes, you can hardly go wrong with a salad and white meat chicken, like this wonderful recipe. Cut it in half for the 2 of you, and use whatever seasoning rub you can get commercially or use the one in the recipe (it's kind of spicy though). Good luck, and i hope it gets you the success it has me :))

Blackened Chicken Salad

1. 3 cups chopped tomato
2. ? cup diced yellow bell pepper
3. ? cup finely chopped red onion
4. 1 Tablespoon sugar
5. 3 Tablespoons cider vinegar
6. ? tsp salt
7. 1/8 tsp pepper
8. ? cup lemon juice
9. ? cup Dijon mustard
10. 3 Tablespoons water
11. 1 Tablespoon honey
12. 4 4ounce skinned boneless chicken breasts
13. 3 Tablespoons Spicy seasoning**
14. Vegetable cooking spray
15. 1 pound sugar snap peas, trimmed
16. 8 cups torn Romaine lettuce

Combine 1st 7 ingredients, cover and chill

Combine ingredients 8-11, stir well, cover and chill

Rub chicken with Spicy seasoning. Coat a large non-stick skillet with vegetable spray, and heat over med-high heat until hot. Add chicken and cook 7 minutes per side or until chicken is done. Remove from skillet and let cool, cut across grain into thin slices and set aside.

Steam snap peas, covered, for 2 minutes. Rinse under cold water and drain. Add snap peas and lettuce to the lemon juice mixture and toss well. Divide the lettuce mixture evenly among 4 large salad bowls and top each with 1 cup of the tomato mixture and 1 chicken breast.

** Spicy seasoning may be a purchased, such as Paul Prudhomme’s or McCormick’s, but they are very high in salt. Here is a recipe to make your own if you choose:

Cajun Seasoning/Rub
(Cooking Light: lower in salt than commercial products)

2 ? tsp paprika
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp crushed thyme
1 tsp ground red pepper
1 tsp black pepper

Mix all together, use as a rub on chicken, steaks, seafood, anything calling for a spicy rub.

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