on a high potassium diet which that is exactly what you CAN NOT have any recipe ideas?!

Question: On a high potassium diet which that is exactly what you CAN NOT have any recipe ideas?
high potassium free, kidney trouble


are here.
hope this helps!
best of luck with it!

here is one i found on the web on the site linked below.
fyi, dont use canned chicken.
google potassium restricted diet, decent info avalible. pay attention to 'foods to avoid' lists.

Chicken Wraps

?Boneless and skinless chicken breasts - cooked and chopped (115g)
?A good quality marinade - ? cup
?Celery - chopped (? cup)
?Red bell pepper - ? cup, chopped
?Shredded lettuce - 1/4 cup
?Flour tortilla wraps - low fat (15 cm)

Prepare a mixture of the marinade, egg yolks and oil and vinegar (mayonnaise). This will make a smooth sauce. Mix the celery and red bell pepper with the meat in a bowl. Spread 1 wrap on counter, with 2 tbsp of the sauce, top with ? chicken mixture, lettuce and roll up. Do the same with the wraps which have remained and cut each of them on the diagonal and enjoy the servings!


Your question is very poorly worded and confusing

Do you want a dirty high in potassium, our are you trying to avoid potassium?

Kidney problems need varying levels of potassium depending on what stage you are.

Eat potatoes.

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