What can I put on top of lime sherbet?!

Question: What can I put on top of lime sherbet?


In some restaurants or weddings or hotels the custom is to serve a lime or lemon sherbert to cleanse the palette to ready ones mouth for the next course of a meal. It is served as a small scoop of pungent tasting lime or lemon sherbert without any additional toppings or decorations. It is very delicious as a stand alone scoop on a little dish. So I would encourage that it be served by itself.

Whip cream and a cherry.
some sort of chopped nuts
lemon sauce goes great with limes
crushed pineapple or pineapple topping for ice cream
strawberries chopped or strawberry topping for ice cream
eat it with canned mandrine oranges

Grated lime and/or lemon zest

Lemon and/or lime wedges

Fresh raspberries

Fresh mint

Thin mints (cookie)

I wouldn't put anything but a few sprinkles wouldn't hurt but don't go for chocolate it's gross to put on sherbet

Fresh sliced strawberries or raspberries are both delicious with lime sherbet.

Or put the lime sherbet on a piece of white or yellow cake!

Maybe some berry-flavored candies. Or rainbow sprinkles.

ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marmallows!!!!!!!!!!!!!! strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sprinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caramel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love raspberry sauce or some fresh raspberries.

put it in a glass and cover with sprite or 7 up stir and make a slushy drink

raspberry sauce

lemon sherbert?

Put some mint over it.

Its ok as it is. I won;t put anything on this.

vanilla ice cream
cool whip

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