Anyone have any low carb food ideas?!

Question: Anyone have any low carb food ideas?
2 weeks ago today I started the low carb diet and I've lost 10 lbs! But, I'm starting to get tired of the same old foods and I'm afraid I will end up quiting my diet. I know what the basics are that I can eat on this diet. Meat, cheese, eggs, salads, green veggies. Does anyone know any other food or creative food/meal ideas that can give me more of a verity to help me stick to this diet?


You might enjoy this site: It is a diabetic site, but it is full of recipes. You can search recipes by criteria needed, such as low carb, low fat, low sodium, etc. The recipes are simple and most only require ingredients that you already have on hand. And most diabetics are on a controlled carb diet, so almost any diabetic site that has recipes would be beneficial to you. Also you might want to read some of the hints and tips for healthy eating, it might open the door for more food choices for you while you lose weight. Hopefully diabetic sites with recipes will help you stay on track.

Spice it up!! Try and be creative with your salads. Add apples with grilled chicken. Or strawberries cooked with your meats. Also if your like me, I don't limit myself to foods. I just stick to observing portions. If the serving is way to big due to high calories, cut it down. You need to create a diet that is live-able. This means a diet you can live with without cheating or feeling like you're restricting yourself. Once you get off the pounds you want to keep them off! Once you stop it only takes two months sometimes as little as one week to lose the benefits or exercise and Diet. Also: Exercising in the morning is the best way to lose weight faster. Take it from me I've lost 8 pounds this week but also keep in mind that I do very High intensity workouts.

you could instead of cutting out carbs all together eat whole grain products, these will hopefully satisfy your craving for carbs and keep you full for a longer period of time

MMmmmmmm broth based soups. Low carb tortillas and taco mix made with lots of veggies.

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