Frosting with 2 different types of pudding. Help!?!

Question: Frosting with 2 different types of pudding. Help!?
I am making some pineapple frosting and the recipe I found calls for pudding. I added one box of instant vanilla pudding...I want to add a thin layer of just the base and then fold in cool whip for the frosting. I've been to the store twice today and really don't want to go back out again. I have a box of cook and serve pudding, can I add that to the mix to give me more? I poured the mix into a bowl added crushed pineapple and pineapple juice. It does have a slight vanilla taste and is pretty good, since I only used the powder of the instant would the same effect work with the cook and severe? I am not entirely sure I am explaining it right.


Cook & serve will get thick as it cools, so yes, you can use it like you would mixed-up instant pudding. You cannot, however, just mix it in dry like instant pudding. It must be cooked to thicken.

Maybe put the cook & serve as the filling b/t the layers, and the pineapple w/ the instant pudding and cool whip as the frosting on the top and sides...?

No, you cannot use the box of pudding that needs to be cooked the same way you used the instant pudding.

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