Corned beef and cabbage - cabbage help!!?!

Question: Corned beef and cabbage - cabbage help!!?
Corned Beef is cooking now, do I just put cabbage in with it 10-15 mins before the corned beef is done? Leaf it like lettuce or chop it?


You can chop it if you want but I don't. Instead, I cut it into wedges, leaving the core attached and then place it on top of the corned beef and put the lid on to "steam" the cabbage and I do this yes about ten to fifteen minutes before I pull off the heat. When you leave the core on as wedges, then everyone gets their own piece of cabbage. Also, cabbage always needs lots of pepper...

Yummmmm, can't wait for dinner tonight! and then it's corned beef sandwiches on sour dough rye with lots of mustard tomorrow! Woohoooo!

I like to boil my cabbage.Useing a little bacon or salt pork, choped . about 1/4 unoin salt peper. Sea salt if you have it . brown in the bottom of large pot. add union just befor cabbage ,you don't want that browned ,just soft.Add hole head of choped cabbage and just enough water until you see it just at the top of the cabbage .half cup butter, then cook slow boil for about 30 mins or until soft.take off ,more salt if needed to taste. Let stand for 10 mins.

the way I learned when I was young.

yes you can and throw a few sausage's clump of cabbages is better i think cut it in half and the cut the half into and then cut them again and throw in a couple small puds and carrots also give it some pretty to help you feel better at what your looking at .PLUS the family will love you even more .

Chop it, if you leaf it like lettuce it just completley covers up the corned beaf and looks well as being annoying to eat with such big leaves. I personally dont't like this dish, but my dad does and he chops it into thin pieces.

Cut your cabbage into quarters. Pull the corned beef out of water and you can cover with foil to keep it warm before you cook your cabbage. Takes about 15 mins. in simmering water.

Good luck.

It is best to cut in wedges as that will hold them together.
I normally chop and steam them so I am not chasing around the pot.
The cabbage should go in when the Corned Beef comes out to rest.

Cut cabbage into 4ths and layer on top, add water if needed and cover. The steam will wilt the cabbage within 30 mintes.

I put mine in about 30 minutes before beef was done. I leafed it like lettuce and it was delicious!

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