Seasoning steamed asparagus?!

Question: Seasoning steamed asparagus?
I have a steambag of frozen asparagus. After I steam it, what are some good seasonings to add? It's going to accompany baked chicken breast.


After you have steamed your asparagus, sprinkle it with garlick powder, salt and pepper (sea salt and cracked pepper works best). Add some freshly grated parmesan cheese to it. If you can finish it off under a broiler for a minute or two.


Hisarmyw, I don't over steam them, I like to give them a little bit of charring under the broiler/grill. I make a cheese sauce to go with the asparagus.

like cumin or paprika or just salt and peper to taste. the juices from the chicken should give off some taste. or cheese!!!! use cheese

IMO, Asparagus was meant to go with cheese Sauce, along with a sprinkle of salt.

Doc Hudson

salt , pepper, lemon and garlic.

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