What kind of recipe can I use my stale bread for?!

Question: What kind of recipe can I use my stale bread for?
I have a loaf of stale white bread. I dont want to just throw it out. What can I make with it?


I've made homemade croutons out of stale bread before. You cut it into large pieces, brush them with some olive oil and whatever seasoning or herbs you want, and either toast or bake them until they're slightly browned. You can also search either foodnetwork.com or allrecipes.com for homemade croutons. Then you can actually see how other people have rated the recipe :).

Bread and butter pudding. it's so good.
Butter the slices of bread.
Grease an oven proof dish.
Lay the dish with slices of buttered bread. You can put raisins in between each layer of bread slices, OR slices of apricots-

When all the slices of bread are laid out in layers to fill the dish- make a custard of whole milk, 2 beaten eggs, sugar, nutmeg, vanilla extract, and a little ginger.
Pour the custard over the slices of bread intil the milk is even with the top of the dish- with pieces of buttered bread breaking the surface.
Sprinkle brown sugar lightly over the top, and bake the dish in the oven 25 minutes medium heat.

When the dish wobbles but is firm , take it out, let cool, and serve portions of the pudding with an apricot sauce and whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream.

Oh yeh, you might want to switch off your phone too, cos this is the most amazing pudding ever.

Put some olive oil, butter, or even parmesan cheese on it and then put it in the oven for a little while but not too long. When it is ready and cooked to how you like it cut it up and use it as croutons in a salad. That's what I always do.

Put it in your food processor and pulse it. You will have made great bread crumbs and they will last for a long time.

french toast! that's what I always use my stale bread for, that or stuffing like on thanksgiving cause I loveeee that stuff :)

bread puuding with drained canned fruit.

you could always make bread crumbs
to coat chicken or fish

Croutons or french toast

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