have you ever made your own butter?!

Question: Have you ever made your own butter?
i just made some,

if you have made it, did you like it?

if you haven't made it, free 2 points for saying 'no' lol.


Yes, in kindergarten. I remember we had to shake this bottle for like an hour to get it. Might have took less time but time is always slow for little kids haha. I dont remember how it tastes though

I used to make it in school for Thanks giving every year. We had to shake heavy cream in jars sometimes with salt added and we put it on a corn muffin. It was a nice treat, I was afraid at first but I looked forward to it each year.

I've made it several times. Twice on purpose. I liked it but added roasted garlic and salt to make garlic butter. I also made it a couple times when I accidently beat the whipped cream I was making too long.

Yes I have and yes I liked it.


Once, in preschool..

Yes, I have. I quite like it.


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