Is this milk bad...expired 3/7/11?!

Question: Is this milk bad...expired 3/7/11?
I dont drink milk so I dont know if its bad or not because they all smell alike to me. It isnt lumpy and I was planning on making mac and cheese tomorrow. Is it bad ?


Well since it is not that long past the date (a bit over a week) and as you said and it was not lumpy, I would say it is okay. If you are not a good smell tester, maybe ask somebody else to smell it, if you don't drink milk I suppose you would not be a good taste tester. I don't really like plain milk either (but I like it is tea or hot chocoalte) I would maybe taste a little in coffee or something and see if it tastes rancid, maybe mix a bit of chocolate to make it taste better or a bit of sugar to kill the milky taste and see if it has a good flavor. Although maybe you don't want to risk tasting it and getting sick, so smelling it is the best indicator, tasting would just be a backup so you don't ruin the mac and cheese. Usually smelling it is accurate, even if you are not a good smell tester, if it was rancid, you would probably know as spoiled an aweful milk has a strong pungent smell you would notice before even tasting it. Anyway I hope that helps, as I said, it is not that old and also the date is just a selling date usually not the date it spoiles necessarly.


If it were bad, you'd be able tot tell the difference. In any event, borrow another nose to help you tell the difference,

If the milk was unopened, it might be alright, but if is a container that has been open a while, go ahead and give it a toss.


That depends, if your fridge is coldeer than normal, like 34-35 degrees, you can get an extra 10 days out of the milk, , it's a close call, but most likely sour, doesn't have to be lumpy to be bad

Ok, here's the rule you need to always follow... when in doubt, toss (or pour) it out. It's never EVER worth taking the risk. Go to the store and buy some new milk for your mac n cheese tomorrow.

Good luck!

It is possible it is still good...I have had milk that long and cooked with it...when you smell will know..I don't drink milk either..but I sure know when it is bad....................

if it smells sour then yeah, if you can't tell, you could taste it x


drink it and it will give you a serious case of diarrhea

just smell it

Uhh, if it's been opened... yeah.


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