Is this a meal that would impress you...?!

Question: Is this a meal that would impress you...?
A neighbour (whom I've liked for a long time) is coming to dinner on Saturday. I've planned this.

Buttered lobster on a rocket salad, followed by slow braised lamb shank on a bed of red cabbage and a caramelised onion sauce... and finish with warm 70% cacao double chocolate brownies with a vanilla custard and minted snaps.

I don't want to 'over do' it... but I like cooking... and she is awfully pretty!

Would this get me a second date...?


Good for you...give it a go. The girl has got to give you props for cooking her matter what you make! Yes, it sounds like a delicious dinner & calls for a second date. Have a nice bottle of wine AND something non alcoholic (like sparkling water with fruit slices (llemon/lime)...just in case she doesn't drink at all. Put on some nice low key jazz...or some smooth Motown tunes. But most of all have fun. Good luck & congrats for putting yourself out there and taking a chance.

I'm a personal chef....and a romantic...hey what can I say...

Seems alittle strange to be having 2 main courses - lobster and lamb, and then 3 desserts, brownies, custard and "snaps"?

What is a "rocket" salad? Some girls don't like eating sweet baby lambs.

Why don't you just make spaghetti, garlic bread and salad? You can still have the brownies. If you "go all out" the very first time, she might expect it everytime.

Eh, by heck. You really know how to push the culinary boat out, don't you laddie? If your conversation and humour match your cooking skills and aspirations, then you have it made!

However, be modest otherwise such a spread could be a tad intimidating... A very hard act to follow, if you follow my meaning? Good luck!

It doesn't appeal to me, but that is 'good eats', and you deserve a pat on the back and the second date for sure.

I think you should add some potatoes cooked one way or another.

Mr_R_Swi, what time is supper. so I can book a flight and be there on time. You want a second date? Your off your head, I would be looking at the fourth date with that.

I think so. Remember: wipe slops on the plate with a clean towel before serving, raise the bones so they stick up in the air and give the dish 'height', NO DOUBLE DIPPING--POOR HYGIENE IS A TURN OFF.

That would impress me definitely, and i bet it would get you a second date. One more thing, can i come over too? LOL Good luck!

It does sound good...I would only change one thing...the red cabbage and onions...the onion sauce might be ok.....You could serve the lamb shanks on rice..............Just a thought............

Have fun !!!

I'm a heterosexual male and I'd even go out with you for a seat at that table!

ur dinner sounds very nice although its not depending so much on the meal if you'll get a 2nd date or not.

One of the attributes women like in a man is if he can cook.... you're on a winning streak!

She'll love it. She'll be back for more!

Yes, it would impress me. It sounds delicious.

Very impressive, and yes it would.

Wow.. exotic! I think that'll definitely win her over!

yes, sounds awesome

if you're good looking egg 'n chips would do me

In the U.S. that would be a home run.

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