Are canned and frozen veggies just as healthy at fresh veggies?!

Question: Are canned and frozen veggies just as healthy at fresh veggies?

Frozen vegetables are often as healthy or more healthy than fresh. This is because they are frozen as soon as they are harvested, therefore not losing nutrients. The longer a vegetable sits, the more nutrients are, if they're shipped from across the country or world...guaranteed they have lost vitamins. Canned veggies are not as nutrient dense.

No and they don't taste as good either. I have taught my husband that fresh tastes better he even will eat fresh spinach in a salad and he said he would never eat spinach. I figured out his love of garlic by the fact he likes a snack cracker that is full of garlic. You can sneak in fresh vegetables easier than that other stuff.

Frozen: some places freeze their veggies quickly after picking.

Canned: more processing, not as many nutrients.

Fresh: your best bet, as long as it's in season.

I only buy fresh...and a couple of green giants veggies...I don't eat canned...I think fresh would probably be the healthiest... .........I was always told raw vegetables are the most healthy...I like a lot of raw much better than cooked........

If the vegetables are frozen soon after they are harvested, they have more nutrition than fresh that have been off the vine for a long time.


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