Ideas for a fruit smoothie?!

Question: Ideas for a fruit smoothie?
without using a blender? I have raspberries, blueberries and bananas.

Do I also use milk, yogurt or water? I have milk and water but no yogurt and no blender.


Yogurt is the most standard, but you can try the milk, just don't put in very much if you want a thick smoothie. Try to puree the fruit well, it should mix together. Yogurt is what gives smoothies the thick creaminess, so overusing milk could end up in a very watery concoction. Start with like half a cup of milk and add more if it's still to thick, until you get the texture you want. Let us know how it turns out, I never tried it w/o yogurt.

a smoothie needs to be smooth to be a smoothie, so if i dont got a blender u probably have to go to a store and at least get a juice blender. because having lumps in your smoothie is just idk not smoothie like.

Well, I would suggest getting a blender.

I usually use:

-strawberry banana yogurt
-half a banana
-a small bit of milk

My sister usually likes to add orange juice to hers. :)

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