No potato cutlets??possible?!

Question: No potato cutlets??possible?
i wanted 2 make a cutlet without using potato,egg,meat(im a vegetarian)etc.Can use dairy(not paneer though-im trying 2 make the whole process healthy :P )..have u got any ideas?
PS I can use butter etc.


Potato is the basic ingredient in vegetable cutlets since it binds the other ingredients. But if you do not want to use potato you can try fresh bread soaked in water and the water then squeezed out completely. Mix with other cooked and chopped vegetables with a little bit of self raising flour and try making it the usual way.

I would skip trying to make this "happen" and just roast some cut up potatoes in a little olive oil in the oven (maybe some herbs or onion/garlic, too). It's easier and will taste better than trying to make a meat dish with no meat. Unless you're substituting squares of tofu for the meat, those types of dishes are nearly always a disappointment, if you ask me.

A cutlet is a small, boneless cut of meat which can be used in a variety of dishes.
It isn't something else.

Anything else you use will not be a cutlet as it will not be a meat.

you could slice tofu very thinly and bread and fry it. It wouldn't be a cutlet but a but unfermented soy is not healthy so that idea doesn't really fit your criteria either.

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