Which is better slow cooker or cast iron Dutch oven?!

Question: Which is better slow cooker or cast iron Dutch oven?
Which ones can you cook variety of foods and can I slow cook ribs in a Dutch oven.


I love my Le Cruset - enamel covered cast iron

Cast iron dutch ovens are great for slow cooking, just put them in your regular oven at 200 or 225 degrees for several hours. It is a more versatile utensil, too, because you can use it for soups and sautees, too. I would get an enameled one; the plain cast iron ones are not good if you've got acidic ingredients like vinegar or tomatoes or citrus in your recipe. You can get a good enameled cast iron dutch oven for about 60-70 dollars. A slow cooker probably uses a lot less energy, though, and you can get a decent one for about 30-40 dollars or less.

You can--and should--cook things very slow in a Dutch oven (the enameled cast iron ones are not supposed to get high heat at all, btw), and I prefer them to slow cookers, but then I'm usually always home while the food is cooking. If you work or are going to be away from the cooking food for several hours, I think slow-cookers are safer and probably better in that case. If you're going to be there, checking on the pot every 20 mins or so, definitely use the Dutch oven.

I love my dutch ovens...And yes you can slow cook your ribs in the dutch oven....but I like to bake ribs in the oven slowly...in a roasting pan..or large baking dish....I think you have more control this way...
It really comes down to personal preference...

I do like my crock pot for certain things also.......

Happy Cooking !!!


Yes, you can cook ribs in a dutch oven and in a slow cooker. A dutch oven is more heavy duty but a slow cooker is better for every day use. you can get them with programmable settings to make cooking a breeze.

I would always go with the dutch oven, but, the slow cooker is great if your going to be gone while cooking and in the summer when you like to keep the house cool

I would go with the cast iron dutch oven - many more uses than the crock pot.

i think an iron dutch oven cuz a slow cooker is too slow!!!!!!!
Thnx for the 2 points!

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