What is the difference between a pancake and a crepe?!

Question: What is the difference between a pancake and a crepe?
i attempted pancakes today and surprisingly they came out well judging by how my husband was scoffing them. they were quite big in size and it just made me think whats the difference between that and crepes? or am i just getting it wrong. by the way i purchased the mix so all i had to add was eggs and water and whisk however me being me i added a pinch of Vanilla Essence and sugar. thanks


there is no difference, pancakes and crepe should both be thin.

'Pancakes' are usually thought of as only sweet, whereas crepe can be sweet or savory, the latter often called ble noir (black wheat, but actually buckwheat) in French creperies.

Try to make them from your own ingredients, whisk (or blend) vigorously, and leave to stand for half an hour, so the gluten can do itss thing. Also add a little oil or butter to the mix, which helps with cooking (and sticking, or lack of!)

40 years of cooking pancakes...........

crepes are really thin and you can put things in them like banana and chocolate sauce and wrap up and munch, where as pancakes are thicker, denser, and generally nicer.

The biggest different is thickness, crepes are thin. Crepes usually have some kind of filling.

pancakes are fluffy and thick
and crapes are thin and flat

Crepes are thinner.

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