This sounds stupid, but I'm really just learning...?!

Question: This sounds stupid, but I'm really just learning...?
When I lived back home, we had our own chickens and plenty of friends and family to share the eggs with, so we never kept an egg more than a few days. Now I'd just like to know how long before the average egg goes bad? How can you tell if it's bad? Will it's smell be that obvious even if it's kept in the fridge. Gosh I feel stupid enough already so there's no need to make fun of me. Thanks.


No need to feel stupid! Thats for sure! This is a legitimate question!

If you keep the eggs refrigerated, they will last around 3 weeks. If you are keeping them at room temp, you need to monitor them a little more closely, especially if you live in a warm climate. Eggs that are kept at room temp last a few days less than if they have been kept in the fridge.

You can tell if they've gone off by the smell mostly, and sometimes the egg shells develop more brown spots, and sometimes if you cant smell them, once you crack them open you can tell that they're off by the colour and consistency of the egg.

Hope this helps!

Keep store-bought eggs in the fridge in their carton, they're usually good for at least a week after the expiration date. To be sure, put a raw egg in a glass of cold water. If it floats, it's bad. If it stays on the bottom of the glass it's still good to use.

Keep cold and there's a date on box for a few weeks.
Fresh eggs will have a high yolk, as they get older the yolk will start to flatten slightly.
And....Yes you'll smell it if it is bad.

Ex-.I just bought eggs today and they say use by April 9 th

Keep your eggs in the fridge. For me they last for a month or so, but yeah rotten eggs smell horrible, though they won't look VERy different

PS: thats freaking cool that you had chickens!!!!!

The box will have a use by date on it.

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