why does pillsbury still put trans-fats in all their foods?!

Question: Why does pillsbury still put trans-fats in all their foods?
it would seem if they eliminated them.. more people that know a thing about health would buy their cookies..biscuits or whatever


It is a corporation. Trans-fats have (supposedly) a longer shelf-life, which means more profits for the manufacturer. Know this: everyone who is poisoning you and this planet is doing it for a profit. It costs more to do things the right way. Don't buy Pillsbury.

Someone the other day was complaining that Betty Crocker mixes had changed the recipe on their pound cake!! Now you are complaining that Pillsbury hasn't changed their recipes.

We were all advised that shortening (trans fat) was better for us than butter and lard. So we all switched over and it did work better and was less expensive. That was about 50+ years ago. We have lived with trans fats for that long in mixes and in our kitchens for making our baked goods.

Please get over the alarmist attitude that a little bit of it will kill you. It won't! My grandmother lived to be 96, her sister was 99,9 when she died. They both changed over to the shortenings when they first came out. They changed over to oleomargarine when it came with a little packet of yellow coloring to make it look similar to butter.

But then again all those cookies, biscuits, cakes, and other goods are not that good for us anyway. They add to the fatties and obese ones so nothing would help that problem anyway.

Just eat another brand that doesn't have the trans fats in it any more.

The small amount you get from eating their cookies and biscuits etc.. is not enough to worry about...I happen to like things that taste good...Taking out all the trans fat would eliminate a lot of flavor..I happen to think people over think all this health stuff anyway.................

They are so dang tasty as is. If they can find a way to keep the taste as is, and cut the trans fats then that's all good. Until they are legally required to remove them, I doubt they will. (If it aint broke, don't fix it.)

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