Which Brand of Raisin Bran Has No Sugar? Post deceived me...?!

Question: Which Brand of Raisin Bran Has No Sugar? Post deceived me...?
I was upset after I bought a box of Post Raisin Bran because the picture on the box shows raisins that don't have sugar it and Kellogs does. When I opened the box for breakfast I discovered their raisins were covered in sugar. Trying to avoid sugar I just had a cavity filled.


The only way to know is to read the ingredients list. Very few packaged cereals have no added sugar. Many packaged foods have misleading information on them, including photos. The safest way to know what's in your food is to make your own like granola or oatmeal and add your own raisins, nuts, whatever you like.

The only boxed cereal without any sugar that I have found is Shredded Wheat (obviously the plain variety, NOT the one coated with sugar on one side!).

Sorry to tell you, but ll of them have sugar because raisins themselves are packed full of sugar

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