is it possible to make good cookies?!

Question: Is it possible to make good cookies?

no. its only posible to make nasty ones.


No matter what your recipe is, here are some hints for making your cookies really good:
--Keep your dry and wet ingredients separate. When it's time to combine them, pour your dry ingredients into the wet ingredients.

--Pam or any butter spray keeps the cookies from sticking to the pan. You can also use aluminum foil instead.

--It's better to make a lot of little cookies than a few big ones. Dab small teaspoons of cookie dough onto your pan rather than larger spoonfuls. The cookies do spread and this means they don't have to cook as long to get through to the center.

--Cook the cookies until they are golden brown on the bottom. The time on this varies depending on many factors. You'll just have to keep eyeballing it. Open the oven and flip one over to check.

--Let your cookies cool all the way before removing them from the pan. This allows them time to harden.

.....Of course its possible to make good cookies! If you have all the ingredients! All you have to do is choose what type of cookies you want, then look up the recipe on the internet, and there you have it good cookies!

me myself and I

Of course, I make lots of different types of good (excellent) cookies. I have thrown away a few recipes for cookies because they were only ok.

Oh yes! There's so many different types of cookies, there's got to be one out there everyone likes.

Yes. Follow the recipe to the letter and practice makes perfect.

Absolutely! It is possible to make good anything!

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