my recipe calls for oil to pan fry boneless skinless chicken breasts - I have no oil?!

Question: My recipe calls for oil to pan fry boneless skinless chicken breasts - I have no oil?
can I flash fry the breasts in melted butter or margarine?

I'll be adding store-bought curry sauce (korma) to simmer after flash frying breasts


Butter's even better! More flavor! So YES...

You can use butter or margarine , you can use shortening like Crisco just to coat the pan , and you can use a little water in a pinch, you could even use orange juice.. If you want , you can salt and pepper, or dry spice them with onion powder or garlic powder when you flash fry them for a bit of flavor before you use your curry sauce to simmer them in.

done it

yes, any oil will suffice, its just a liquid to help stop the meat sticking to the pan and to induce outer browning of the meat. Butter is preferable to margarine for its taste, if you have bath oil you could use that but it will taste a little soapy! Your curry sauce will hide most accidental bad tastes, have fun and enjoooooy!

Iwould use butter and or spray (like Pam or a cheaper version ) and maybe atablespoon of water after the pan i hot-WATGH IT the grease will splatter Cover quickly, (almost steaming it)

Butter or margarine or melted shortening will all work.

Either will work. If you are using a non-stick pan even a small amount of water would work.

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