how to make a box white cake mix turn out white?!

Question: How to make a box white cake mix turn out white?
I've tried a few different brands of white cake but after I bake it the cake is yellow! I use egg whites (no yolks) is it me or the cake brand??? Any good brands that you know from experience will be completely white?


use pillsbury cake mix.....they use egg whites only in the directions and the cake turns out perfectly white!!

If the recipe calls for butter, use a pure unsalted butter of excellent quality (margarine and some butter blends have added food coloring which will taint your cake.) If the recipe calls for oil instead, use a very light oil such as canola...again, some yellower/darker oils will color the batter. In addition, over baking the cake will cause it to be slightly yellow (and dry!) Good luck

If your making a white cake, it should turn out white if your following the directions, it might be "golden" on top, but that's as far as the yellow should be, I would just make sure it is a "white" cake mix, not yellow

Only use egg whites, seperate the eggs. u can use the olks for omelet or something later.

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