How do I make my cookies go flat?!

Question: How do I make my cookies go flat?
I'm a bit of a health person, so I use yogurt or fruit puree to substitute for oil or butter in any cookie or cake recipe. I think this may be the reason that my cookies poof so much- how can I make them flatter? Any advice helps,thank you!


Try dropping the cookie sheet down onto the counter right after they come out of the oven. It may take 2 - 3 times if they flatten at all. Butter is what weighs them down and makes them yummy.

Do you object to any oil cooked? I've been researching healthy oils and there's a major controversy and much conflicting into on heating oils loosing benefits or even being totally unhealthy when heated.
I'm still researching. It is the fats that flatten out the cookies. If you are willing to add oil use, hemp seed oil, coconut oil or perhaps pumpkin? If you were making a sesame or nut kind a cookie consider adding Sesame seed oil.

Perhaps, manually flatten the cookies out by pressing with waxed paper.

Hope this helps.

Press `em down good :)

Press it down extra hard it will get bigger so u need space..Good Luck!

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