REcipe for Cream Cheese and Cool whip in a graham?!

Question: REcipe for Cream Cheese and Cool whip in a graham?
cracker pie crust... my friend made it and it ruled...can someone give me the recipe?


It is th emost simple and basic no bake cheese cake.

Put the room tmep brick of cream cheese in the mixer. Add a tsp or so of vaniila na dbeat until fluffy and smooth. Gently fold in 1 small conatiner of cool whip.

Pour into the shell. Top with cherri pie filling, caramel, choc or other sauce.

You can also add stuff to the cream cheese, such as chopped candy brs, fruits, etc...

Top with more cool whip. Also the cream cheese mix is SO good on topof pancakes, or put in dallop on wax paper them freeze. YUMMY.

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