How they make white icing taste like chocolate icing?!

Question: How they make white icing taste like chocolate icing?
I've seen it on cake shows but it's already made


you want the icing to still be white dont you?
add chocolate flavouring, its colourless

I would add unsweetened cocoa powder (or melted unsweetened chocolate bars.) and remix it.

The white icing already has more than enough sugar, so don't add sweetened cocoa or chocolate

One more thing -- Maxmom makes a good point. Cocoa power needs to be stirred into a _little_ warm liquid (I'd probably just use warm tap water) to make a "goop" before adding it to the icing. Otherwise, you'll never get the clumps of dry cocoa powder out. This is true for whenever you add cocoa power to a larger amount of liquid -- like in hot cocoa.

you can add unsweetened cocoa with sugar, or just sweetened cocoa, to the frosting mix
you can also use melted chocolate and mix in with the frosting also

flavor your white icing with a choc. flavoring....they can be found in any hobby lobby store in the cake decorating isle....use a small amount is very dense in flavor and your icing will remain white!!! good luck!!!

I guess you could either add melted chocolate to room temp white icing or add cocoa powder that has been dissolved in a little heated milk.

Maybe They Add A Lil Cocoa In It.

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