Can you grill cucumber and tomatoes?!

Question: Can you grill cucumber and tomatoes?
Sorry if this sounds really stupid, l am still trying to experiment with cooking as l am eating healthily at the moment! Anyway, l have a chicken fillet (without batter) and l really fancy it with some vegetables and l only have cucumber and tomatos. l want to get some heat into them and make them go slightly hard. l would use a griddle but l don't have one! So can l grill them instead? l suppose l can fry one of each but l want to see what you guys' say first. Thanks!


You can roast the tomatoes...cut in half or quarters...drizzle a little olive oil and some salt & pepper and put on a baking sheet...about 25 minutes...

The cucumbers I wouldn't suggest roasting or grilling...They are more liquid than solid...

Happy Cooking !!!

Certainly you can grill them. My first inclination if they are good is to just mix them and a good olive oil and a bit of vinegar. Then you can eat them raw or grill them.

You can also roast them (roasted tomatoes are terrific).

I wouldn't fry them. Something that has such a high moisture content will just spatter and explode. Not pretty.

Pretty much ALL veggies do not get harder when cooked. Rhey soft soft and tender.

I would Not cok cucmber. Do baby/grape tomatoes on a skewers and then grillthem. Sliced or while alrger tomatoes just wont work.

Or makw the tomatoes and cucumbver into a little salad. Use a vingairette with some onio if you like it and a little corn. Also if you have a bit of feta cheese just a touch would be great.

I'm not a fan of hot cucumbers, but I'm sure it can be done.

And yes, most defitely on the tomatoes. Get some nice big slicing ones, cut them in half, season w/ S&P, maybe some bread crumbs and grated parmesan chz, drizzle w/ EVOO, and let 'em roast over a low heat.

I don't know about cucumbers - although there is no harm in trying it, although I suspect they would be better raw.

Tomatoes, though, can be grilled no problems. They are lovely grilled - I think they are nicer grilled than fried as well.

sliced tomatoes will disintegrate but I have grilled tomatoe wedges and cherry tomatoes on a skewer (kabob-style)

Tomatoes..yes..moreso if they are very thick slices. Cucumber? No.

spikle with olive oil salt pepper an grill them they taste.awesome. all veg's DO. U WILL LOVE THEM

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