Would mac & cheese be good with?!

Question: Would mac & cheese be good with?
Spinach & ground turkey & mushrooms in it?
I'm making a homemade mac & cheese for dinner, and was wondering if it would be good to add those to it?
Any other suggestions?


That sounds pretty awesome. You should add some minced up onions, add some broth or maybe even some cream of mushroom, and top it off with a coat of breading and bake that bad boy.

Uh, NO. That sounds gross all mixed together.

Now, why don't you make yoru M&C, thenalso make some turkey patties than contain chopped spinach and chopped mushrooms? Or turn the mushrooms into a gravy/sauce to go on top of the turkey patties?

That sounds MUCH more appetizing to me!

bread crumbs
extra cheese (a different type)

hope this helped
have fun cooking!!

A now way what you can do is make your own Macronie and cheese then but it a pie crust and make macronie pie its so good may not sound good but doubt till you scout

I think some ground turkey would be nice but just plain mac and cheese is also great!

My mom use to always have like leftovers in it lol, very good. She also cooked hotdogs and put them in it!

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