How to make Taco shell bowls?!

Question: How to make Taco shell bowls?
I want to make taco salad and make the bowls...can anyone tell me how? I only know that I need to drape the tortillas shells over bowls...but I don't have any oven safe bowls..what can I use as a subsitute?
My bowls are dishwasher safe and microwave safe but it says no stovetop and no broiler


Here's what you need:

- A large deepsided saucepan
-1 large jar of oil (peanut or something else with a high smoke point)
-Sturdy kitchen tongs & an oven mit
-Medium sized bowls inverted over a tray of paper towels.

To do:
Heat up your oil until the surface is barely moving. Gently place your tortilla in the hot oil. It should start to sizzle. Leave it for a few minutes Don't let it get burned, you are just making them softer & pliable. Use your tongs to lift the tortilla out of the oil and drape it over an inverted bowl. Repeat the process as needed.

I'm a personal chef.

To make them right you need to deep fry the tortillas in oil. At least 2 inches of oil in a pan or fryer, put the tortilla in and I use a metal spatula to hold it down till it holds it's shape (should only take about a minute as long as the oil is hot enough). Then flip upside down on some paper towels to drain the excess oil. I have never heard of someone baking them, but if you did it would have to be with the broiler.

Buy some tostada shell molds...…

Yoou bake the tortillas instead of fry them, so less calories. Genius!

I know over in the frozen section in most grocery store there is a 4 taco bowl kit that has oven safe paper bowls that you assemble. Azteca I believe is the name.…

Try this idea:…

or this:…

JUST GO TO THE STORE AND BUY SOME!!!!!!!! How hard is that????

common sence

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