What's the best bread for a ham sandwich?!

Question: What's the best bread for a ham sandwich?
I really love ham sandwiches lol i like them on bagels, white bread (sliced) and brown multiseed loaf bread...but which is best?


white crusty uncut. cut into to doorstops mmmm

I like to get french bread and make it like a sub kind of thing. I cut it like at sub way and then put the ham on it and some provolone cheese on it. Then I put some butter on it. Then I put the oven on broil then wait for the bread to turn a little brown and wait for the cheese to melt. Then enjoy! :D

My opinion!

If it's really good ham you'll want a neutral bread so in this case white bread might be the best. My favorite would be a good croissant.


Your brown whole grain breads are the healthiest and, I think, tastiest. Try some hearty rye - it's great. Look in the frozen section at your grocery and pick up some Ezekiel bread - it is the best bread I have ever eaten!!

hovis brown bread i would say

answer my question please

hope this helps

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Ham Sandwich:
Thick Wheat Bread or a french roll
with Swiss or Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard, Lettuce, Alfalfa Sprouts, Tomato

Hubby & i like them on cinnamom raisin bread

hardo bread... from the carribean mmm...xc

For me, the best bread for ham is rye

croissant roll

ham sandwich on rye with mustard:)

brown seaded bread is yummy!!!!!!!!! x

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