Secret tricks to help flip a already baked cake?!

Question: Secret tricks to help flip a already baked cake?
even though i buttered the bottem of the pan, the cake wont flip out of it. its a layered cake and i want to make the next layer without hurting this one. anyone know how to help me!? please


Put a bunch of ice cubes in a zip top plastic bag and let them sit on top of the pan. Make sure they are spread out evenly avross it and put in refridgerator. Check back in an hour to see how much theyve melted and if half done take out and put bag aside . give a big hearty thud to the bottom of the pan and hopefully it will pop out . If not, get clean ice and try again. You can only do it twice - so if the cake doesnt work next time, you will have to cut the cake out. Good luck dearie!

Grandmom taught me.

I know how you feel, you can try to run a knife around the edge of the cake pan to cut it loose and then place a plate on top and flip it over from one hand to the other and it will be upside down, then you place it on the counter and slowly pull the tin up while thumping or shaking it a bit. You may have to pry a little with a knife. I had the same problem and I learned from a cooking show that if you line the cake pan with either foil, or parchment, or wax paper that it will turn out nice, and it always works. Another trick it to not wait until its totally coll if you have nothing under the cake. I used to wait about 5 to 10 minutes and then flip it. Lining the pan works the absolute best though. Good luck!

baked lots of cakes!

Just keep working it... flip the pan upside down, tap on the sides, the bottom... Take a wide spatula and stick it between the cake and the side of the pan, and run it around the cake to unstick it from the sides. Then do the same thing, but apply pressure to the side of the cake and gently pull it out, working around the edge... tap it again... just be patient and work on it, it should come out eventually since you buttered it. Good luck! :)

don't use butter in the pan...use shortening. then put flour in the pan and swirl it around so the flour coats the shortening and sticks to it. then your cake will come out just fine. If the cake is chocolate, substitute cocoa powder for the flour. (cocoa powder, NOT hot chocolate mix)

If the cake you have now is sticking, try to run a flat spatula under the cake to loosen it. If it still won't come out, and the pan is cool, try putting it into the over for 2 minutes then try again.

First i hope you are using baking shortening or spray not butter.. Make sure you let the cake cool completely, Get a clean baking sheet large enough to hold the cake, put it on top of the cake and flip, set the pan down, lightly tap across the top with end of spoon or knife.. Good luck!!

Run a sharp thin knife around the edge if the cake pan
Place a dinner plate on top of the cake
Put one hand under the cake pan and one hand on top op the plate
Squeeze together and flip over
Tap the bottom of the cake pan to release
Next time use parchment paper

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