what's the difference between tomato past, tomato puree, and tinned chopped tomato?!

Question: What's the difference between tomato past, tomato puree, and tinned chopped tomato?
for my bolognese dish they say i have to use chopped tomatoes and then add tomato paste!.. Can i just use tomato puree instead of these two?!
and oh yeah, when they say tomato sauce which one do they actually mean of these three?!


Tomsto paste is tomato puree, and tinned tomatoes come with their own sauce-so add the tomatoes with the sauce.
They ask you to use puree,because it helps to thicken the bolognnaise sauce.and give a balanced taste
Using only tomato puree is far too acidic on its own,and you get a ketchup effect.
You also get tomato passata,which is liquidised tomatoes.

Hope this helps.

Me, and experience

The basic difference lies in how they are made and till what consistency they are blended. Tomato paste has is much more dense than the puree. Chopped tomatoes are with skin . The recipe may call for tomatoes with skin which makes the difference.

tomato sauce or ketchup is made by processing the tomato paste with preservatives like vinegar salt and sugar

professorial chef

No you have to use the chopped tomato , then the puree like the recipe.

Paste is very thick in a tub.

Puree squirts out of a tube.

Chopped tomatoes in a tin are just that , and they are quite wet in their juice , no skin (UK ).

Fresh chopped well obviously yes skin.

Tomato sauce (If British recipe) is usually ketchup like Heinz ketchup (will add piquancy to a sauce) .

Kitchen experience.

When it comes to recipes, varying a little on the ingredients will not cause a problem in the final results, but be very careful that you don't vary from the original recipe to much. An example of this is I hate garlic, so when the recipe calls for garlic I always use onion instead, it works for me.

tomato paste is paste, tomato puree is pure, and tinned chopped tomato is chopped

common sense

Tomato sauce usually refers to tomato puree. However, sometimes people say tomato sauce when they actually mean pasta sauce (which is spiced and sweetened).

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