Best method to remove shell of an egg after boiling it.?!

Question: Best method to remove shell of an egg after boiling it.?
sometimes the shell sticks and hard to peel off.


The older the egg the easier it to peel, something about the membrane (that skin that hold the shell to the white) releasing easier. I have always found that placing my eggs in ice water until cooled all the way thru and then rolling them between my hands til covered in cracks then peeling is the easiest way. I can usually get the shell off in one peel with out a huge mess or having to run the egg under water to release the small pieces of shell that seem to stick so well.

take it and gently hit it all over against a hard surface until it is covored in cracks. that should help. if not, then i cant remember if its new eggs or older eggs that haveproblems with the shell sticking when you do that

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Paradox, but the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. Drop it in cold water right after you are done boiling, the change in temperature makes the egg shrink and it separates much easier from the shell.

Older eggs seem to peel easier...What I do is roll the eggs around on all sides...until it is more cracked than solid...Hope this works for you..................

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