chicken and bacteria question. is this safe?!

Question: Chicken and bacteria question. is this safe?
my 40 year old sister place a crock pot with chicken in the morning.
it was never plugged in.
it was mostly in water with vegetables.
it was a warm day today.
she left at 7am.
i found it at 5pm & placed it in the fridge.
she took it out of the fridge & is now boiling it on the stove.
will the boiling be sufficient to make it safe to eat for the teens in the house?
my daughter & i have our reservations.


Toss. Start over. Don't eat. Danger!

Not the best idea at this point. The recommended time that things can stay out of the fridge is no more than about 4 hours. After that, bacteria multiplies more rapidly than what is considered safe for consumption. That being said, it doesn't mean it will FOR SURE make you sick if you eat it, but it MIGHT, so it would be a a bit of a risk based on the amount of time it has been unrefrigerated.

DO NOT EAT THAT,,, is it too risky and is highly covered in salmonella poising, Start all over....

She obviously hates her children.

Throw that stuff out! Especially with chicken, talk about a salmonella party!

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