do I make toast?!

Question: do I make toast?
I keep burning it! I don't understand.


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Am I pregnant I don't know? do I make toast?

I feel so FAT! did i eat a lot today?

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Ok this wierd like really if your normal you know how to make toast but ill tell you anyway:

( optional)>>> butter

1) take your slice or two and put it inside your toaster oven... Ok just a quick recap!!! (since your soo slow) we put bread in a toaster!
2) firmly grab the knob on the toaster and turn about half way... Another quick recap! Turned a knob on a machine...
3) by now the machine should have turned by now or you did something wrong**.... since you are new to making toast you need to stay their with your eyes facing the toaster( if your a proffesional at making toast like the rest of us you dont have to watch the toast.)anyway after about 4 minutes click the button to take it out then put it on a firm surface like a plate... Then with the knife stick it in the butter and then pick some up with the knife and firmly spread on bread with your desired amount of butter...
4) FINALLY THANK god the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Enjoy the toast.

**if something goes wrong in step three take bread out and repeat step2

Comon sence... Something you dont have XD

You probably have the darkener cranked all the way up. Its a little knob on the side of your toaster usually just under the lever that pushes down the toast. Or your toaster is old and defective.

I'd go for the oven. Should be perfecto at 500F for ten minutes. Keep a fire extinguisher handy

ATA (American Toast Academy)

Heat if for less time by turning the knob down. Also, if your toaster doesn't have one of those knobs (but it should), then just wait by your toast and manually pop it up before it's burned.


Turn down the timer thing, if it doesn't work then put it in the oven and make garlic bread.

Use a knife to scrape it back to whatever "lightness" you had in mind . . . .

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Turning it down might do the trick.

Or if you wanna get really fancy, time it and turn the toaster off when you think its just right take it out of the oven/toaster before it burns duh


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