pork chops or chicken with salad which should i have, i am dieting?!

Question: Pork chops or chicken with salad which should i have, i am dieting?
i have salad stufff, lettuce tomaotes etc and pork chops or chicken - i want something really tasty as i am on a diet and want something that will fill me up and be good for me..thanks all Ps is tinned fruit in light juice ok to eat at will re. diet


It doesn't really matter whether you choose chicken or pork but i would suggest this.
Cook the chicken with the skin on to help prevent it from drying out, then remove the skin before serving. Likewise if when you talk about pork you mean a pork chop then remove the fat once it is cooked.

With either pork or chicken I would spice it up with something like cajun spice mix, fry in a non stick pan with a tiny splash of olive oil (for flavour). Then squeeze a little citrus juice on just before serving.
Fresh lemon on chicken. Orange on pork

Cut up the meat and toss with the salad adding the few drops of pan juices/citrus juices over the salad to act as a dressing.

Good luck with the diet.
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Either pork or chicken can be really tasty and it can be high or low in calories depending on which part of the animal you use and how you cook it.

Chicken breast is remarkably low in calories and fat - unless you fry it or melt cheese over it, etc.

I love pork chops (going to have pork chops and apples for lunch) and they can be very lean and simply grilled.

Check out my blog for recipes and ways to cook both.


The chicken with salad, because it has greens. The pork chops are good, but they might have more fat/calories than the chicken.

Either will do, but my personal favorite would be the chicken.

chicken with lettuce becuase your dieting.


chicken more healthier


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