I just ate raw pork............................?!

Question: I just ate raw pork..........................…
I got these stuffed pork things and on the pack it said cook till the juices run clear. after about half an hour I checked the pork the outside looked cooked and the juices where clear but after eating loads of it I then noticed that the inside wasn't cooked it was hot but looked completely raw.. will I be ok?


If you start feeling sick to your stomach, and experience diarrhea and nausea within the next few days, get yourself to a doctor. If not, you'll probably be ok.


Well, we can't say if you will be okay, pork is tricky and the possibility of infection is definitely there. I'd be tentative and cautious, look for any symptoms that may start in the next 24 hours. If you start to get adbominal distress, vomiting or nausea, head to a doctor as soon as possible or an urgent care facility. Honestly, half an hour isn't really enough cooking, not for stuffed pork chops, 45 minutes up to an hour at 350? is what it should be cooked at.

You'll find out soon enough

Honestly, if the juices were running clear, even if the meat is just the slightest bit pink, it is perfectly fine.

Pork is so lean and clean, not like the stuff from 20 or 30 years ago. Not that you should eat it raw by any means, but pork that is slightly under-done is perfectly fine ... as long as the juice were running clear.

Was it hard to cut? Raw pork takes some effort to get a knife through. Cooked pork should let the knife glide right through it.

Be mindful of how you feel and if you have blood in your vomit (if you get sick) or in your stool. If you do, then you need to get to the hospital right away.

trichinosis (parasite) used to be common in raw pork, but now they are supposed to control their diets/feeds so it's not as big of an issue. you will know if you feel sick and need to see a doctor. but i would just relax.

As long as you haven't eaten too much of it, you'll be fine. I accidentally ate raw pork once too, and the only thing I got from it was a bit of bellyache, so don't worry. (:


Uncooked pork can give you intestinal worms but this is unlikely if the pigs were raised in modern hygienic conditions

soon youll have to find a more satisfiable meat, next try human.



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