what should i eat thats so easy to make?!

Question: What should i eat thats so easy to make?
please dont say 2 minute noodles or baked beans.


scrambled egg

Two minute Noodles, you can turn them into meals in five minutes:

I love just simple pasta with a bit of seasoning. I boil the pasta, then toss it with oil, salt pepper whatever seasons you choose, and add a little bit of frozen veggies, like green beans

spagetti and meat sauce
Fry hamburger, add jarred spagetti sauce and pour over cooked pasta

Baked Beans are great.

I f I want to make an easy meals I just do a simple Shepherd's Pie with minced beef instead of Lamb leftovers

Grilled cheese sandwich
Tomato Soup
Cheese and sliced apples

Grilled cheese is easy to make.

hard boiled egg

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