Red Velvet Cake disaster....?!

Question: Red Velvet Cake disaster....?
I have tried making a red velvet cake twice now and both times I did EXACTLY as the recipe directed but both times the cake has caved it at the end point. The only difference is that is asks to pour the batter in three round pans but since I don't have any round pans I used one 13x9 pan. Could this be the problem? I don't want to make it again just to have it flop again. Any thoughts?


sounds to me like you are removing the cake from the oven before it is completely done!! did you test with tooth pick? tooth pick should ccome out clean.

It makes no difference what pan you are using, but the baking pan takes a bit longer than three rounds do. You could even use a bundt or angel food pan to bake this cake in. It is simply a chocolate butter cake with a ton of red food coloring in it.

You can even put the batter in cupcake tins with liners, but the baking time would be shorter than for the rounds.

You need to bake it for a longer time if you're using a 13x9 pan...the best thing to do is to test the cake for doneness with a toothpick or the tip of a clean knife towards the end of baking...if it doesn't come out clean, then let it stay in the oven for another 3-5 minutes and then re-check for doneness.

In addition to what has already been said: DON'T open the oven repeatedly to 'check on' the cake. This can cause your cake to fall. Wait until the prescribed time is up, before opening that door. A single rectangular pan will need about 15-25 minutes more time in the oven.

Flopped cake experience.

Hi..First L is spot on right!

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