Please help, should I purchase this rice cooker directly from Amazon or directly from the seller's site?!

Question: Please help, should I purchase this rice cooker directly from Amazon or directly from the seller's site?

Seller's website:

Copy and paste please.

It's the same item/price the only difference is that amazon shipping is free and the seller's site charges $22 fee.

Amazon=$129+Free shipping
Vitaclay=$129+$22 free

I have this feeling that I'll receive a better quality product if I buy directly from the seller's website, or will it be the same?

Please help! I want to purchase now I have both pages infront of me for almost 2 hours and I can't decide! lol!

Which is the best bet/choice?

Thank you!


It will be exactly the same product. Plus Amazon's return policy cannot be beat, no questions, no problems. Sometimes manufacturers do not offer the same level of customer service I see at Amazon. Enjoy! Rice cookers are great for many things besides rice. :)

personal experience

I have had excellent experiences with Amazon and have ordered electronics, cookware, vitamin supplements and clothing with no problems what so ever. It is the same product and you will save a few dollars, plus Amazon usually get's items to you quickly.

If it is the identical name brand product, why would the quality be different?
Amazon is a reputable mail order business and you get free shipping.

Exact same product, go with Amazon, see here also:

It will be the same quality. Go with Amazon I have bought many items from them and have never had a bad experience, plus you may as well save yourself 22 bucks! Amazon is very trustworthy.

It's the SAME cooker right? Use common sence

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