When to add raisins when using a bread maker?!

Question: When to add raisins when using a bread maker?
I'm making cinnamon raisin bread for the first time in a West Bend Hi-Rise bread maker. The recipe I have says to add the raisins right before the last rise... the WB owner's manual has a similar recipe but it seems to want the raisins added in the beginning along with everything else. (I guess the type of paddles and knead cycle is why some recipes say to add raisins so late?) Using this type of bread maker, does it matter when I add the raisins?


when I used to usea breadmaker, I added them at the beginning. if I added them before the last rise, they'd just sit on top because mine doesn't knead again after that. I would add them at the beginning if you want them fully incoporated. If you only use your bread machine for the actual making and NOT for baking, you can stretch the dough into a 9x12 rectangle, sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins, and have cinnamon raisin swirl bread. I just sprinkle what looks right. Also, if you soak your raisins in some brandy or apple juice for an hour before you add them, they'll be plump and delicious. Happy Baking!

raisin doesnt melt you can a it at the beginning!

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