I'm making Banana muffins for a baby shower..?!

Question: I'm making Banana muffins for a baby shower..?
I was thinking maybe adding some werther's Original chocolate and caramel pieces in the center of each muffin, they are the soft caramel type sweets not the hard ones.

Would this work? I want the muffins to be like when you open them up caramel and chocolate ooze from them? would the werthers sink to the bottom when baking? if so how can I make the muffins so that the caramel stays in the center of the cake?


Coat the caramel and sweets in flour before stirring them in, you do this with sultanas to stop them sinking to bottom so worth a try!

It should work although I have not tried it. I recommend making one muffin just to try it.

If you want something to not fall to the bottom in a batter you coat it with flour before you add it. Try rolling the candy in flour before you add it.


I would suggest using chocolate chips which come in a variety of flavours including butterscotch all available through bulk stores .

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