I ran out of canola oil can I use vegetable oil instead?!

Question: I ran out of canola oil can I use vegetable oil instead?
O.K so I am making egg foo young and the recipe calls for canola oil but I ran out and only have vegetable oil. Is it the same nutritional value? they seem to have the same heart healthy fats. Thanks


For this dish? Absolutely! Look stop obsessing about the heart health for what will be a single meal. It is not going to kill you or make a different in that aspect.

There are probably slight differences in the nutritional value of oil, but not enough to make a difference. Go for it.

canola oil IS veggie oil, just a special kind of veggie oil!!

any oil will work, even the nut or fruit oils and fruit oils are healthier, but more expensive. Nutrition will be the same no matter what oil you use.

Heart Healthy is a matter of question!! Heart disease and morbidity is the same percentage as it was more than 50 years ago when this attitude of no fats in the food plan first came out.

I use only butter and lard for cooking. My bp is 107/65 and my cholesterol numbers are better than the heart association state they should be. It isn't foods that damage the heart!! It is lifestyle!!

Ya theres not much difference with them yiu can use vegetable oil

There pretty much the same thing.

Yes most certainly.

It is almost the same, so if you are not a perfectionist ... Go for it!

they are basically the same thing, so I dont see what it would hurt. :)

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