Do you like chips on saturday or do you prefer mash...?!

Question: Do you like chips on saturday or do you prefer mash...?
anybody lol


Mash me i like a large portion with onion gravy and pork chops lol.!

mash potatoes
because it fills me up better so I don't get hungry in a long while
and it's has fibre, nutreitns and more nutritious than chips.

Had chips yesterday and as I don,t have them very often it will be mash(my favourite) roast potatoes or new ones for the rest of the week.


taste buds...

Ive been told i have to cook chicken n chips for tea later on.
I don't actually eat chips very often though.

Mash, it's more than just comfort food!

mash for me.:)

yes, i like. i choose to eat it than any other things.

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